BRIDGE Circus Symposium

Brighton BRIDGE Circus Symposium: December 9th and 10th 2013

Day one: Sallis Benney Theatre, Grand Parade

9am: Refreshments and Registration

9.30am Dr Joan Farrer (RCA), Director of Design Research Initiatives: Welcome

An overview of the research project, its origins and focus on trans-disciplinary research

9.40am: Professor Jonathan Woodham, Director of Research and Development, University of Brighton

9.50am: Gwladys Lemenand European Projects Manager,MIRIADE and Laurent Lecoeur, European Projects Officer,MIRIADE Summary of the project so far

10am -1.30pm Green Innovation: A catalyst for change (11.30 to 1200 break)

Chair: Gillian Youngs Professor of Digital Economy, University of Brighton

  1. Beatrice Rogers, Deputy Director at Creative Industries Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)
  2. Huw Taylor, Professor of Microbial Ecology, University of Brighton
  3. Andy Cundy, Professor of Geoscience, University of Brighton
  4. Rob Holdway, Director Giraffe Innovation

1.30 -2.30 Lunch and networking

2.30-4.30 Panel Discussion: Design, Science and Trade

Chair: Dr Jyri Kermik (RCA), Programme Leader Design Futures

2.30-3pm Brief presentations from panel – 3-4.30pm Panel Discussion and questions

  1. Tamsin Lejeaune, Managing Director and Founder of the Ethical Fashion Forum
  2. Evy Dutheil, Designer: Eco-Innovation and Identity, Lab Creatif Project Manager
  3. David Saunders, General Manager Woodnet
  4. Dr Cressida Bowyer, Pharmaceutical and Biomolecular Sciences, University of Brighton
  5. Zoe Osmond, Director, Green Growth Platform, University of Brighton
  6. Matthew Illsley, Research Fellow, UoB, School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences

5.30 pm The true value of materials – exhibition opening

Karen Norquay Head of School of Art, Design and Media

Robert Penn, TV journalist and author forthcoming book, Touch Wood: the story of the ash tree

Brighton BRIDGE Circus Symposium: December 9th and 10th 2013

Day Two: Tuesday 10th December: Grand Parade

9.30am: Refreshments

10am-12pm: Panel Discussion: Sustainable City, Trade and Commerce (Boardroom Mezzanine)

Chair: Jonathan Sapsted, Principle Research Fellow at CENTRIM

10.15-10.45: Show and Tell: brief presentations from the panel

11.45-12.15: Panel Discussion

  1. Jonathan Chapman, Professor of Sustainable Design, University of Brighton
  2. Abigail Petit, Director Gossypium, ethical trade SME
  3. Olivier Kersale, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Support at Normandie Incubation
  4. Peter Grant, Development Manager at WSX Enterprise
  5. Duncan Baker Brown, Director of BBM Sustainable Design and joint curator The Waste House
  6. Naresh Ramchandani, Partner at Pentagram and joint founder of Do the Green thing
  7. Dr Nicolas Guy, Applied Mathematics and Transport Engineer

12.13-1.15 Lunch and networking

1.15-3.15 Panel Discussion: Free thinking future entrepreneurs

  1. Izzie Roffe Sylvester current student, MA Sustainable Design
  2. Chris Cooper, current student MDes 3D Design
  3. James Dart, BA 3D Design graduate
  4. Elea Nouraud, BA 3D Design graduate
  5. Amy Phipps, graduate co-founder of super super hq
  6. David Barbou current student ESITCaen
  7. Richard Simmonite University of Brighton Graduate
  8. Jen Dalby Knitted Textiles and Spinning Expert

3.15-4.30pm Closing Drinks and networking Session

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