BRIDGE (Building Research & Innovation Deals for the Green Economy) is a European Union INTERREG funded project linking partners from Southern England and Northern France.

The promotional video for the project was shown at the recent meeting of the partners at the Kent2020 business event in Maidstone.


In the UK the project is led by Dr Joan Farrer,principal investigator, from the Centre for Research and Development at the University of Brighton . Key investigators within the University of Brighton are Toni Hicks, Area Leader in Knitted Textiles and Stefano Santilli , Senior Lecturer in Design and Craft. Partners in the UK include the business incubation enterprise WSX, SusCon a sustainable construction training and research centre and Remade Southeast. The French partners include MIRIADE, Orne développement,  Ésitpa : École d’ingenieurs en Agriculture,

The aim of the collaboration is to analyse, and engage local and geographical growing, making, use and disposal networks in the field of eco materials in order to support and develop ‘green’ entrepreneurs and their emerging businesses. Wood and textile material streams are the focus with which to investigate more ecological processes, develop re-use and up-cycling opportunities and increase consumer understanding of the concept of sustainability, or people profit planet. BRIDGE aims to build partnerships for cross-border economic development and complementary centers, business and design incubators to working in a sustainable way sharing best practice.

Members of the Strategic Forum for BRIDGE at the University of Brighton include Dr Jyri Kermik, Dr Cressida Bowyer from School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences (PABS), Dave Saunders Project Manager at the Woodland Enterprise Centre, Toni Hicks Senior Lecturer Textiles, Stefano Santilli Senior Lecturer Design and Craft, Nick Gant, and Tom Ainsworth.

The project has been supported by Research Assistants Carolyn Watt, Marney Walker, Mylinh NguyenHarry TrimbleMaria Eva Russo, Cat Fletcher and Chris Cooper, and the INTERREG Administrator Diane Larribeau.


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