Is waste the new raw material?

On 27th June Dr Joan Farrer and the Brighton BRIDGE Research Team hosted : The True Value of Materials: Waste a one day symposium at the ECO TECHNOLOGY SHOW in Brighton, where we had a stand to showcase science and design research and development that demonstrates re-use of waste materials. Stefano Santilli has designed a contemporary iteration of a Costermongers barrow that demonstrates the potential re- use of ash, and offcuts of hardwoods inlaid into the surface, with a woven canopy constructed by 3D Design and Craft and Textiles students, under the supervision of Stefano and Toni Hicks.

Our partners in the INTERREG funded BRIDGE project  from France and the UK joined us: Miriade, ESitCaen, ESitpa, WSX Enterprise, Medway Council. The symposium, hosted and conceived by Dr Farrer and opened by Professor Anne Boddington,  brought speakers together to consider : Is waste the new raw material? chaired by Professor Gillian Youngs, and included  Professor Marie Harder  head of the Waste and Energy Research Group, Cat Fletcher of Freegle, Re-use Manager at Brighton and Hove Council and Materials Co-ordinator for Brighton Waste House,  Richard Mehmed, Managing Director of the National Community Wood Recycling Project; Duncan Baker Brown architect and co-ordinator of the Brighton Waste House,  Dr Iain Allan and Dr Cressida Bowyer, School of Pharmacy and Bio-molecular Sciences on the Biocare Marine project, David Saunders, Project Manager of the Flimwell Woodland Enterprise CentreGwladys Lemenand European Projects Manager at Miriade, who presented the online networking tool: BRIDGE Ecocluster collaborative platform, William Edmonds from ESitpa, and Dr Patrick Dyer on shape memory textiles.

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