University of Brighton Graduate Shows

Just some of the  work on show design students at the University of Brighton Graduate Shows in June (Clare Evans, Julia Barklem, Chris Cooper, Rosie Nolan, Edmund Pimm, Elisabeth Wester, and Lawrence Lawson).  For those students with an interest in eco design , and as a complement to their main course of study, the Brighton BRIDGE Research Team have been able to offer a number of opportunities over the past two years.  Alongside a cross-disciplinary discussion  forum open to students and staff at all levels, the funding has enabled us to facilitate steam bending, spinning and design methodology workshops, field trips and student exchanges with Agro-materials and Eco-construction institutions in France (ESitpa in Rouen and ESitCaen). This has given students and staff access to materials including waste products of the textile and timber industries as well as an ample source of ash supplied to us by Woodland Enterprise Centre

Students have remarked on the benefits of the BRIDGE Club forum for sharing views on the issue of sustainability :” would get different perspectives, and you would all be looking at the same materials and objects but everyone would bring their own angle of perception towards it. Which is really helpful from a creative point of view if you are all talking about the same thing and seeing things differently..” (Lawrence Lawson)

Photographs by davidashpeak-photography

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