Materials Research Exchange

The University of Brighton BRIDGE research team exhibited at the Materials Research Exchange, hosted by Materials Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) on Tuesday 25th February at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry. It had been more than 12 years since the last Materials Research Exchange was held and it was a privilege to be one of the exhibitors at the event. Over 500 delegates attended the event. It was a great opportunity for us to present our work from an art and design perspective, which was a new and novel approach to exhibiting at a conference. In an environment dominated by science and technology, our stand made a real impact. We attracted a lot of attention and received positive feedback on the work demonstrating innovative use of materials, as well as the aesthetics and design. The display included: Lookerers Cloak (Maria Eva Russo), Frugal Table (Will Green)  Flax Cycle Helmet (James Dart) as well as work on recycled glass from the UoB department of Pharmaceutical and Biomolecular Sciences and polymers derived from recycled textiles developed by

Seminars at the event addressed issues of materials sustainability and materials discovery and one led by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) on Horizon 2020 opportunities. Keynote speakers included Jeremy Clayton (Director, Research Base, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills), Marcin Sadowski (Advanced Materials and Nanotechnologies Unit, European Commission) and Mark Robertshaw (CEO of Morgan Advanced Materials).

Students from ESITCaen submitted their research poster: ‘Valorisation of Shell By-Products in Pervious Eco-Paving’ for the research poster competition.

Valorisation of Shell By-prodcuts in Pervious Eco-Paving

Valorisation of Shell By-prodcuts in Pervious Eco-Paving

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