Green Entrepreneurs at Brighton BRIDGE Circus

Jake Leith (President of Chartered Society of Designers) hosted a discussion session with young green entrepeneurs including : Izze Roffe Sylvester (MA Sustainable Design), Jen Dalby (textile designer and spinner), Zoe John (Engage by Design), David Barbou (EsitCaen), Richard Simmonite (UoB graduate and designer Bagreborn), Elea Nouraud and James Dart (MA Product Design students at ECAL, Lausanne) and Chris Cooper (UoB MDes 3D Design student). The discussion revealed the challenges involved in making a transition from development of innovative ideas in a university context to turning these ideas into a viable business. Participants were asked to consider: How they transfer from ‘design led‘ to ‘demand driven‘ concepts? . Many of them still need to continue to have a ‘day job’ whilst pursuing their personal projects. The value of support networks including Goodfornothing and the Brighton Repair Cafe were considered helpful, whilst recognising that these can also be seen as exclusive cliques. External factors including government policies such as green tax subsidies can help.

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