The True Value of Materials Exhibition

The opening of The True Value Materials exhibition on the first day of the Brighton BRIDGE Circus event (9th December 2013) attracted a huge crowd. Karen Norquay (Head of the School of Art, Design and Media) gave a welcoming address and thanked the organisers led by Dr Joan Farrer. Robert Penn, a journalist and author who is currently writing Touch Wood: the story of the ash tree gave a presentation and musical entertainers and performers accompanied the event. The exhibition  co-ordinated by Jonathan Swain and the Brighton BRIDGE Research Team at the UoB, located in the Grand Parade gallery, showcases  work in progress as well as a range of selected work by designers, practitioners, and Research Institutes in France and the UK, of relevance to the BRIDGE project including agro-materials, textiles, timber, locallly sourced materials, and traditional crafts exploring sustainable practice. The opening event, alongside the symposium was a perfect opportunity for to connect like minded contributors and attendees. The glass fronted gallery provides an excellent framed views of the display from street level.


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