We have a packed and thought provoking line up planned  now for the BRIDGE Circus Symposium on 9th and 10th December. Speakers include Dr Joan Farrer Director of DR-i, our INTERREG partners Laurent Lecoure and Gwladys Lemenand European Project Manager from MIRIADE ,Beatrice Rogers, Deputy Director of Creative Industries KTN, Rob Holdway Giraffe Innovations(low carbon design and environmental management), Huw Taylor Professor of Microbial Ecology, Andy Cundy Professor of Geoscience, Dr Jyri Kermik , Tamsin Lejeaune Managing Director of Ethical Fashion Forum, David Saunders, Project Manager of Woodland Enterprises, Zoe Osmond Director of Green Growth Platform, Naresh Ramchandani Advertising and Communications Partner Pentagram and founder of Dothegreenthing to name but a few…..

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