Making use of mapping

The mapping process for the BRIDGE project has revealed a number of examples of interesting innovative good practice that we hope to showcase at the Circus Event in December

At the BRIDGE gateway event in Caen this month, Miriade launched the online mapping tool that will be hosted by the Bridge eco cluster website. The intention is to provide a platform and useful tool to connect business, research, design and innovation in the field of eco and sustainable activity. All partners have provided data on activity within the INTERREG project area (In the UK this is Sussex, Hampshire, Kent)  according to their area of specialism. At Brighton University  data was collated by Maria Eva Russo on Textiles, Harry Trimble on Timber,  and Kseniia Katok on materials research.

Mapping screenshot

On reflection in terms of scoping, we found that in terms of geographical area,  and perhaps unsurprisingly the process revealed gaps for us locally in terms of significant industries. Also in terms of eco and sustainable design practitioners, many of these are drawn to practice in London, which is also outside of the INTERREG project area. We also became wary of the ‘greenwashing’ issue, where many new enterprises will market themselves as green, with limited credentials. Conversely we have revealed a number of practitioners who do not see themselves as sustainable but are local, use locally resourced materials and will benefit from joining this network

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