Waste House : techniques

Dave Pendegrass of Mears, the Project Manager for the Waste House currently under construction at the Grand Parade House at the University of Brighton, explained some of the techniques they are using to test the efficacy of different waste materials in terms of insulation and durability. The timber frame walls are 500mm deep and divided into sections or ‘cassettes’ that will contain different waste materials. These will be tested in terms of thermal loss with a special meter. One of the central supporting walls is constructed from a chalk composite, that maintains a cool temperature, used to counteract the potential for overheating when using maximum insulation. This project is in part, aimed at raising awareness in the general population of the issues of waste and landfill.

We are hoping to showcase samples of some of the materials that our French Partners at ESITPA and ESITCaen are developing in their labs from the waste products of the agriculture and seafood industries, including composites made from seashells and sunflower stalks.

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