Options Study : Material and Form

Extension study 2 220113 sLed by Dr Juri Kermik and supported by Tom Ainsworth, this 12 week module runs along core studies and is offered to students across faculties and presents students with an opportunity to explore the nature and potential of a material by experimenting with it alone or in conjunction with other materials. Students are encouraged to engage with materials in the broader context of contemporary materials culture and sustainability agenda from experiential and speculative form making to specific design applications and technologies of production.The main focus of the unit is an investigation and manipulation of materials and their properties as a vehicle for communication of ideas, research and modelling.

Prompted by Dr Farrer’s presentation on the BRIDGE project, students were invited to consider the subject of eco-materials, and more effective applications of material waste streams within the scope of this module. From a group of eighteen students approximately half responded to the BRIDGE project. The issues raised by BRIDGE have particular relevance to this unit and Dr Kermik found that it helped in measuring the validity of the students’ submissions.

Students from across the Faculty of Arts including Illustration, Architecture and Humanities who selected this module had the opportunity to develop 3D prototypes that explore new applications for re-use of waste materials.

Microsoft Word - amber devetta glass 4 images.docx

Amber Devetta (Fine Art Printmaking) experimented with deconstruction and reconstruction of glass waste streams.


Emily Street (Architecture) explored potential re-use of waste from free newspapers on public transport testing a variety of pulp consistencies and dyeing techniques.

Microsoft Word - emily street images 3 and 4.docx

Jacob Chuloj (Architecture) considered the waste from timber processing and the potential to create modular furniture using waste oak from timber processing, identified by Stefano Santilli on the Alencon Trip in November 2012

Microsoft Word - Jacob Choluj.docx

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