BRIDGE at University of Brighton Green Week : Eco Fashion workshop

Isabel Roffe-Sylvester WorkshopsIsabel Roffe-Sylvester MDes Fashion student introduced the first of two workshops on ‘ethical fashion’ with a thought provoking documentary film that showed the re- processing of clothes shipped from Europe to India where they are sorted, ripped (so that they cannot be re-used or re-sold locally) and then broken down to be re-constituted into material for blankets. As Dr Farrer commented this industry used to exist in the UK where ‘shoddy mills’ were common. A proportion of all clothes that go to charity shops are bagged into half ton weights and sorted by Textile Converters to separate materials such as leather, wool and silk. Certain materials and types of clothing go to certain countries. Leather to Pakistan, Swimwear to Tibet to be used as protective clothing, and mens formal wear to Africa. Italy buys recycled silk yarn from spinners in India for high end designer wear.

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