Sustainability: the role of the designer

In Creative Communities: Enzio Manzini proposes that: “Fostering the transition towards sustainability is a question of establishing a ‘virtuous circle’ encompassing social innovation … and technological and institutional innovation (that can be implemented by the actors who, through their decisions, can advance the possibilities of success of promising proposals “

and in terms of design :” The idea of what the designer is  in our day and age must change” and that practitioners can use:”design specific skills to be actively involved in the establishment of this circle and give visibility to promising cases, highlighting their most interesting aspects, drawing up a map of the existing state-of-things and building scenarios, of potential futures; interpreting the questions which arise from promising cases; conceiving and developing systems of products, services and information to increase their efficiency and accessibility. “

He points out that :”the very idea of what a designer is in this day and age must change” and that designers have :”the capacity to produce visions of what is possible (i.e. the ability to imagine something that does not exist but could potentially exist) and set in motion strategies to help them materialise (i.e. concrete steps to transform potential visions into real solutions).”

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