Elea Nouraud 3D Design Projects

Elea, a final year 3D Design student is working on the following final year projects that she is looking forward to showcasing at our BRIDGE Circus Event in November 2013 in Brighton

The Soap project: aim to raise awareness about the complexity of soap ingredients which can be reduced to simple and locally sourced material. Intended to be respectful of the environment and the user’s skin.She is hoping to source local suppliers of oil (linseed oil for instance), fragrance ( essential oil, dry flowers like calendula), natural mineral (clay), honey bee wax ( which have great skin properties).

Elea Nouraud Soap process    Elea Nouraud Apis honeycomb soap

Poly-Pote:  a project to raise awareness about local biodiversity and more precisely to help pollinators, like bees to recover after a hard winter. The idea is to create a biodegradable container made of beeswax and flax to grow an early blooming tree. This would create a closer relationship with the tree owner and therefore raise awareness.


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