Timber and Textiles

Following our meeting with Andrew Kent, Carolyn Watt and I spent an afternoon discussing the potentials of Textile and Timber in terms of re-use, re-cycling from various waste streams with Toni Hicks and Stefano Santilli. Toni was explaining the advantages of textiles that can be broken down to its essential elements, i.e. fibre, that can then be re-spun and used again using relatively low tech spinning techniques. Stefano was pointing out that when timber is broken down to such a level it may be more useful as fuel, or requires more technical solutions perhaps with the expertise of School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Science (PABS) or the School of Environmental Technology ( SET) to create composites that can then become useable materials. His illustrations of the production of useful timber and the potential waste elements (e.g sections discarded because of knots) were really helpful in understanding the production process.

ImageStefano wood 4 230113 s

Stefano wood 5 230113 s

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