Social design for the other 90% : influencing consumerism

On 26th November Marney attended one of the social design talks given by Steven Johnson, director of Collaborative Change.  As an experienced copyrighter in the advertising industry he has worked in recent years on social design, using his skills to influence behaviour change commissioned by health and social care, for example to encourage breast feeding, or stopping smoking. In a new project Considered Creative:helping brands to have a positive impact on society and the environment, he proposes that designers and creatives can use their skills to change consumer behaviour. He believes global industry is open to influence now because of increasing depleted resources and that more and more people are interrogating the source and production methods of the products they buy from an ethical and sustainable point of view. He welcomes contact from anyone interested in developing this way of working. He used the example of Unilever using a hand washing project with Lifebuoy soap to change hand washing behaviour in children where there is high risk of fatalities from diarrhoea.

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